Company Overview

Clean Energy Solutions

CES is currently developing over $800 Million (USD) worth of power generation projects.  CES focuses on markets where it can develop energy resources for power generation in a way that brings people out of extreme poverty.


As an independent power producer (IPP), CES builds, owns, and operates power plants and then sells the power at wholesale prices to regulated utilities or large industrial customers. CES sells this power to these customers under long term off-take agreements. These off-take agreements are bankable contracts wherein the buyer assumes enough of the project risk that our lenders are comfortable with financing the project.


As an IPP, CES has the required expertise and ability to produce power from several different energy resources in an environmentally friendly way.  These energy resources include biomass, hydro, geothermal, wind, solar, and clean-tech fossil fuels.


CES management and the CES Board of Directors have a combined work experience on average of between 25 and 45 years in energy sector. CES officers are known in the industry as some of the top experts in their related fields and each has impressive track records in developing energy resources.


Clean Energy Solutions, LLC is working currently within the South Pacific region and is a member of the Pacific Power Association.