George Pritchard
Vice President - Hawaii Operations

Mr. Pritchard brings a tremendous amount of experience and leadership to the CES Team particularly in leading the Hawaii division. A great communicator with a passion for people, George has built an extensive business and political network both domestically and abroad. A top executive with proficient knowledge in Construction Management, Business Development, Business Administration and Project presentation.

Through extensive family and business ties, George has enjoyed strong relations to Hawaii his entire life—which have served him well, personally and professionally.

When CES decided to establish itself in Hawaii, George was the natural choice to lead the Hawaii Office efforts. George’s knowledge of the inner workings of island communities have been a key factor in our increased success in entering the Hawaii market, and establishing a strong foundation. But George isn’t just “connected”—he is truly committed to seeing Hawaii grow and thrive. His affection for the Hawaiian people—and his desire to better the communities he’s spent much of his life in—is completely genuine, and our clients feel that from him. George is a tremendous resource on every level, and CES feels very fortunate to have him representing our interests in Hawaii.