"The Energy isn't in the idea, it's in the Execution."
                      - Anonymous
Jeff Fassett
Director of Operations & Management -
Clean Power Operations, LLC

Mr. Fassett, owner and founder of IEM Energy Consultants Inc., holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from North Dakota State University with an emphasis in Power Plant System Design and has almost 30 years of broad based experience in the power and process industries.   He founded IEM in 1998, which provides consulting services in all aspects of power plant management, operations, and maintenance to clients worldwide. IEM supports owners and operators of a variety of facilities, including traditional fossil fired steam generators, simple and combined cycle gas turbine plants, desalination, renewable and waste to energy plants.  Projects have ranged from staffing, training and development to life cycle cost analysis, to maintenance support, budgeting and evaluation, to process and procedure development, to operations and maintenance audits and evaluations.  

IEM and Clean Energy Solutions Pacific formed Clean Power Operations, LLC, a joint venture in 2015, an entity which will be managed by Mr. Fassett, to operate power-generating facilities currently being developed by Clean Energy Solutions. 

He served in rolls of increasing responsibility, including Plant Engineer, Maintenance Engineer, Startup Manager, and Plant Superintendent, at regulated utilities, chemical/process plants and independent power producers. Mr. Fassett sits on the Board of Directors of the Plant Managers Institute, the Advisory Board of the Electric Power Conference, is a member of the ASME Power Committee, and International Gas Turbine Institute, Education Subcommittee. He has also taught college classes in Energy & the Environment, Ethics in the Energy Industry, Electronics and Power Plant Operations.