Our Business

Independent Power For The Modern Age


Clean Energy Solutions (CES) is an Independent Power Producer (IPP) and social impact company based in Salt Lake City, UT.  CES focuses on developing and generating electric power for emerging countries and frontier markets that will have a positive and significant social and environmental impact on local populations. As an IPP, CES is engaged in building and coordinating relationships among many different stakeholders, including local landowners, national and local governments, international development banks (such as the World Bank), non-governmental organizations, financial institutions and engineering, procurement and construction (“EPC”) firms, among others.  In order to bring together such varied groups CES relies on its team of experienced engineers, project managers, government-relations experts and financial professionals.  Such professionals assess the needs of each stakeholder and facilitate a collaborative development process to tailor each power project that best leverages the unique resources of the environment.  The goal is to build power projects that are environmentally sustainable, energy-efficient, socially conscious and economically impactful on the surrounding community.


CES operates in markets where it can develop energy resources for power generation in a way that brings people out of extreme poverty.  CES accomplishes this by funding effective social impact programs using income generated by these power projects.


CES’s approaches all of its targets and on-going developments mitigating all perceived risks, whether the project is ultimately under private ownership of CES or is a Build-Own-Transfer arrangement (turnkey operation). If under private ownership, CES is well experienced in negotiating Power Purchase Agreements (“PPA”), laying-off risks to the “power off-taker” to the benefit of a lender and consequently allowing more favorable debt terms for its projects.


CES’s core objectives are as follows:


  1. Executing cash flow and favorable returns for the company's investors.

  2. Using each project’s cash generation to promote good will by funding programs which will bring many people out of extreme poverty in a self-sustaining manner..

  3. Developing projects in a way that makes them attractive to banking and other financial institutions by laying off risks to third parties.

  4. Ensuring projects are competitive and affordable to CES’s customers.

  5. Promoting clean and environmentally friendly power in a responsible manner