CES Social Impact Benefits Program

Creating self-reliance and economic growth


Clean Energy Solutions is not just a company that develops power. It's mission is to also help lift people out of poverty and create self-reliance for those that are impacted by the power plants both directly and indirectly. Some of the area's where CES provide solutions are:


  • Education: Few of the children in these remote areas obtain a formal education due to the lack of funds for adequate school facilities, teachers and supporting materials and resources.

  • Infrastructure: WATER - With no running water, women spend a large portion of their lives fetching water to support their family’s basic needs in lieu of pursuing an education.

  • Infrastructure: ELECTRICITY - On average, approximately 70% of the landowners lack electricity, meaning no refrigeration and food storage, lighting, commercialization of agricultural development and ability to use any electronic devices.

  • Transportation: Little transportation options exists for the landowners, who are generally in remote, isolated areas. The lack of transportation limits employment opportunities, education, access to markets for their products and overall economic welfare.

  • Job Training: Most of the adults in these remote areas lack any formal job training. 

  • Health Clinics: With no access to basic health services and modern day medicine, these people are highly vulnerable to several preventive and curable diseases, affecting the landowners overall health and life expectancy.

  • Employment Opportunities: The local tribes identity as a people is quickly deteriorating because of the lack of employment opportunities in the local areas. Those fortunate to achieve an education tend to relocate for job opportunities.

  • Telecommunications: Limited telephone and mobile phone service and internet are significant limitations in today’s global economy.  A lack of telecommunications will limit an individual’s ability to communicate with employers, suppliers, and potential customers, crippling income opportunities.


In order to manage and oversee the social impact programs that CES and its local landowner partners fund, the company has teamed up with some of the best experts in the world.  These experts have created proven programs that have taught millions of people worldwide how to become self-reliant. This company is called Bilong, LLC and is a not-for-profit company based in Draper, UT, USA. In partnering with Bilong, CES is thrilled that these landowner groups that CES work with daily will learn from Bilong the steps necessary to become self-reliant, productive, successful people within their communities.

"Bilong" Management Team

Mark Petersen
Managing Director

Mark has extensive experience in assisting and working with people who come from an impoverished background. Mark began leading Mentors International as President and CEO in 2007 and has dedicated the last 8 years of his life and career to brining people out of extreme poverty. He's successfully administered programs which have empowered people and provided them the needed training and tools to help them live productive, responsible, and more prosperous lives.

Nathan McClellan
Implementation Manager

Nathan has spent his career working and helping those in need. He currently works for Mentor’s International and is responsible for implementing programs and establishing that organization in new nations. He holds an Economics degree and has a lot of hands-on experience in working with people living in extreme poverty.

When one takes action for others, one's own suffering is transformed into the energy that can keep one moving forward, a light of hope illuminating a new tomorrow for oneself and others is kindled.
- Daisaku Ikeda